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Mitsubishi Space Wagon 3e generatie

The Mitsubishi Space Wagon is a medium-sized multifunctional vehicle and was put on the market by Mitsubishi from 1983 to 2006. At the 23rd Tokyo Motor Show in 1979, Mitsubishi presented a Concept SSW (Super Space Wagon).  for the second time.  Based on this SSW, the 1st generation Space Wagon was designed. In 1969, however, Mitsubishi came up with a concept car, the Commuter.  The forerunner of the Space Wagon. It shows the lines of the later Renault Espace. This shows once again that Renault has stolen the "Ruimte Auto" concept from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi was also in it all the other brands for which ever built a spacecraft.

Internationally, the Space Wagon is marketed under the names Mitsubishi Chariot, Mitsubishi Nimbus, Mitsubishi Expo, Dodge and Plymouth Colt Vista, because its imports into North America and as Eagle Vista Wagon in Canada imported. The Space Wagon is also produced under license in Asia as Hyundai Santamo en Mitsubishi Savrin.


Space Wagon MKI
The first generation Space Wagon was produced from February 1983 to May 1991 with a choice of four SOHC internal combustion engines, ranging from 1.6-litre 4G32, 1.8 and 2.0-litre 4G63 petrol engine or a turbo diesel engine 1, 8 litres (4D65T, from October 1984), coupled to a manual or automatic transmission. The Space Wagon thus served the market segment that was previously the responsibility of the Mitsubishi Galant Station Wagon.


Space Wagon MKII

The second generation (1991-1997) had a longer wheelbase and a greater length, width and height, while it was still part of the Japanese government's regulations regarding the vehicle's outer dimensions and engine capacity. The G63B engine was replaced by the architecturally similar but updated 4G63 four-cylinder engine and the 1.8 turbo diesel 4D65T was phased out and replaced by a newer and larger 2.0 4D68T engine. In 1993 a 2.4 4G64 GDI was added to the range. A five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed automatic transmission could be ordered, and an INVECS electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission with "fuzzy logic" was also available in advanced models.


Space Wagon MKIII

The third generation was launched in October 1997 and became bigger and heavier again. To emphasize the quality of the car, the ladder frame was mounted on a self-supporting body. Mitsubishi also started here to mount the GDI with direct injection petrol (4G64) and introduced a new V6 SOHC 6G72 2972 cm3, also equipped with GDI.

In Europe, a 2.0 SOHC 4G63 engine with 16 valves was also available, which was known in the

8th generation Galant. The INVECS-II semi-automatic and manual 5-speed gearbox were the choice of shifting. A four-wheel drive version was available, but only with a manual gearbox in combination with a 2.4 GDI petrol engine. The gearbox and driveline are similar to the Lancer Evolution, but is adapted to the Space Wagon.


Space Wagon MKIV
The Mitsubishi Grandis is actually the 4th generation Space Wagon. An MPV seven-seater built by Mitsubishi Motors to replace his Chariot line / Space Wagon / Nimbus. It was launched in May 2003 and was sold in Japan, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica and South America. Available engines a 2.4 liter petrol engine and 2.0 liter Volkswagen turbo diesel four-cylinder (not in Jamaica), equipped with a badge with DI-D than TDI, as normally indicated by Volkswagen.

The Grandis was also the basis of the Mitsubishi FCV (fuel cell vehicle) concept, based on fuel cell technology developed by DaimlerChrysler, then shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors. The DCX's "FC system" uses a fuel cell with a range of NiMH batteries 117 litres for compressed hydrogen storage.

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1979-1991

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1991-1997

Mitsubishi_Space_Wagon_1983_1e generatie

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1998 - 2006

Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2e generatie
Mitsubishi Space Wagon 2e generatie 7 seat
Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1999 3e generatie
Mitsubishi Space Wagon 3e generatie 6 Seats

Mitsubishi Grandis (Space Wagon) 2003-2011

 Grandis DiI-D 2008
Mitsubishi Grandis 7 seats 2007
Mitsubishi - Eric de Kort BV

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Pièces de rechange Mitsubishi, expédition dans toute l'Europe

Over the years Mitsubishi has built many passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We have many parts in stock from all models that are supplied in Europe. Below is a selection of cars that we have dismantled in the past.

3000 GT, ASX, Attrage, Canter, Carisma, Celeste ,Colt, Cordia, Eclipse, Eclipse Cross, Galant, Galant Sigma, Galant Wagon, Grandis, i-MiEV, L200, L300, L400. Lancer, Lancer F, Mirage, Montero, Outlander, Outlander PHEV, Pajero, Pajero Pinin, Pajero Sport, Sapporo, Sigma, Sigma Wagon, Space Gear, Space Runner, Tredia, Space Star, Space Wagon en Starion

Mitsubishi is a very strong and reliable car brand, but a car is used and sometimes you need parts. On the outside, for example damaged parts in sheet metal, rear light, headlight, side window, rear window, windshield and a fog light, we also sell parts of the drive system, accessories, bodywork, electricity, interior, system cooling, engine, chassis, braking system, safety and lighting.

Eric de Kort, Mitsubishi Parts Specialist, has it all in stock.

Mitsubishi Space Wagon MK1
Mitsubishi Space Wagon MK2
Mitsubishi Space Wagon MK3
Mitsubishi Grandis Space Wagon MK1
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